Funny Video Games

Some of the best moments from video games are the ones that are funny. Humor is fantastic, and believe it or not, there is humor to be found in droves in video games. Which one is funniest? Well that’s hard to figure out, because sometimes a game is funny because it is meant to be, sometimes a game is so bad it’s funny, and sometimes a game is unintentionally funny (usually the kiss of death for sales).
Instead of choosing a single moment in a video game that I remember for being funny, I’m going to give several examples of great hilarious moments in video games.

Intentionally Funny: An obvious recent one here is The Simpsons game, made by EA. Part of the reason this game is great is because there is about thirty minutes of video in it, and it is the first game that is like a long interactive Simpsons movie. There are too many moments to list that had my sides splitting in laughter, but here are a few of the best:

1) God’s flashback explanation of why the instruction booklet to the Simpsons game fell from Heaven into Springfield

2) Matt Groening getting questioned by the secretary on how his name is pronounced

3) Donkey Kong’s sudden and completely unexpected abduction of Professor Frank

4) France’s instantaneous surrender in “Medal of Homer”

5) Groundkeeper Willie’s homage to “Planet of the Apes”

These are some of the best I’ve seen, and I strongly recommend the Simpsons game to any fan of the show. If you need a good laugh, they provide tons in both the movie clips, and with characters talking during the game play itself.

So Bad It’s Funny: If I asked you if you remember that game Zero Wing, most likely I’ll get a blank stare. If you do remember that Sega Genesis game, it wasn’t because of the great graphics and stunning game play. The company that developed this game in Japan was to cheap to hire a translator to translate the game into English…so this game hilariously butchers the English language. My two favorites: “All your base are belong to us.” “Somebody set us up the bomb.” These lines have been parodied repeatedly on the net.

Unintentionally Funny: This usually comes from terrible story lines. One belongs to Shaq Fu. The world is going to end, Shaq happens to be in Japan and he’s the kung fu master to save the world? Really? This was a terrible game, but the concept still makes me laugh to this day.

Blaster Master is the other game that comes to mind. Fun game, terrible story line. So your pet frog escapes, jumps into radioactive ooze that is just sitting in a puddle in your back yard, it mutates big enough to eat a tank and jumps into a mysterious hole (which somehow you never noticed). At the bottom of the hole you leap down is a tank. And then you kill your mutated frog in level four…but the game keeps going. My brother and I still laugh about that.

Whether intentionally funny, or so bad it becomes funny, it never killed anyone to laugh, and it’s nice to know with all the arguments about video games and violence, that sometimes we can just kick back, hit the Nintendo until it actually works, and laugh.

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