Fort Greene FDNY EMT’s Go Beyond the Call of Duty

FDNY EMT’s are heroes all year around, but on Monday, October 18th, they acted above and beyond their call of duty.
A young lady was checking the email on her Smartphone near Dekalb and Flatbush Aves in broad daylight at around 8:30 a.m. A mugger, Noel Goris, 31, tried to scoff her Smartphone. A scuffle ensued. The thief knocked the woman to the ground and ran off with the phone.

The two heroes, Delano Williams, 48, and Rheinhold Danglade, 42, of EMS station 31, heard the woman’s cry for help from their ambulance.

They jumped out and gave chase until that sneaky Smartphone snatcher gave up. “”He just threw the phone back at us and said, ‘Here’s the phone! I give up,'” said Danglade,” reports the NY Daily News.

These two courageous EMT’s are truly heroes for getting involved during a time in our society when so many people don’t want to get involved. The mugger could have had a knife or, worse yet, a gun.

The EMT’s did more than catch a thief on Monday; they set a fine example for us all.

Does the city have medals for bravery like this? If not, it should, and these guys should each get one.

Source: John Lauinger and Joe Kemp, “EMTs save the day by grabbing Brooklyn robbery suspect,” NY Daily News

The Only Hay Day Tutorial That Matters

Games are the best way to pass the free time and now a lot of people are playing games whenever they are free. While there are a lot of games but if you want to play the farming game then you should choose the Hay Day which is a most popular freemium mobile farming game. Supercell is the developer of this game and it is released for IOS on 21st June 2012 and for Android devices on 20th November 2013. The concept of Hay Day game is very simple and interesting which grab the attention of the people. In this, the player’s uncle can’t take care of his farm and he gave all the responsibility to the player. Now player just has to give his proper time to the farm and take care of all things which are important such as animals, wheat, and many others. If you want to play this game but you are a beginner and don’t know about while things then you should go for the further article where you can collect the deep information.

How to play the Hay Day?

If you are playing this then your main goal is to create a farm by which you can get the more and more profit. You can earn money by selling goods to the other players who are playing this. When you start the game for the very first time then you will see a scarecrow which will help you to understand the game. You should read the text bubbles carefully which contains the basics of the game. By reading this you can know the ways to paint the house or harvest the crops. In fact, you can also give a name to the farm. After all this, you need to click on those lands which are empty and select the wheat and drag it to lands. You should feed the chickens time to time because if you don’t do this then your chickens can die in a short time.

Deep information about Hay Day

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Best Videogame Trailers of All Time

Videogames are becoming more cinematic with each passing day. Like movies, games need trailers to generate hype and leave a strong impression. The concept of presenting your videogame in a trailer is an art form in itself. Here are the top five videogame trailers in recent years.
5. Super Smash Bros. Brawl E3 2006 Trailer
It was a game that everyone saw coming. What they didn’t saw coming was how great the debut trailer would be. The epic music and familiar battles weren’t enough for Super Smash Bros. Brawl; new fighters were introduced every few seconds. It was simply chaotic and too much to digest in just one viewing. To top it all off, the E3 2006 trailer finished with an unexpected coming of Solid Snake. Guess we know why Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the fastest selling Nintendo game ever in North America.

4. Killzone 2 E3 2007 Trailer
Killzone 2 is a tale of two trailers. The first trailer was shown in E3 2005. It was probably the most realistic looking game ever created. So real that it actually wasn’t; Sony got a lot of flak for saying that the E3 2005 trailer was done in real time. Fast forward to 2007, the Playstation 3 is lagging in sales and one of the main scapegoats was Killzone 2. Two years of secrecy finally paid off, however. While the new trailer doesn’t look nearly as good as the first one, it was one of the most visually impressive trailers ever made. With intense action mixed-in with the dark atmosphere, many argue that the E3 2007 trailer is more visually appealing and impressive than the old one.

3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Debut Trailer
The Grand Theft Auto series is known for controversy. The controversy became apparent when Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was first revealed. Not only was the main character black but the game seemed to be heavily influenced by the hip hop culture. Just reading about how long time fans of the series won’t be playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas because of their distaste for that culture and lifestyle was pretty sad and humorous at the same time (no one complained about an Italian main character in Vice City). Controversy is the series’ forte and San Andreas more than delivered in that aspect with the debut trailer alone.

2. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess E3 2004 Trailer
Like Killzone 2, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is a tale of multiple trailers. This time it’s three trailers across two games. The expectations were high when Nintendo showed off a demo of a realistic looking Zelda for the Nintendo Gamecube. All of it was shattered when Nintendo revealed that the next Zelda will feature a cel-shaded cartoon look. As disappointed fans were with initial revealing of Wind Waker, they were equally as ecstatic when Twilight Princess was revealed in E3 2004. The return to a realistic look wasn’t enough; the trailer also adds a Lord of the Rings epic feel to it. The E3 2004 trailer literally sent shivers down many long time Zelda fans’ spines.

1. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty E3 2000 Trailer
Legendary videogame creator, Hideo Kojima is also a mastermind at creating trailers for its game. He has made many great trailers for his games, including Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and Zone of the Enders 2. The debut trailer at E3 2000 for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty takes the cake, however. It has the most wow factor out of any videogame trailer has ever delivered. The rain-soaked ship set the stage for nine minutes of non-stop, innovative gameplay elements coming one after another. It was truly a next-generation title, not just a last-generation game with a graphical upgrade. Add in some twist and turns to the story and you could see why Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was one of the most hyped games ever. The E3 2000 trailer of Metal Gear Solid 2 is the best videogame trailer of all time.

Hay Day – Become Exceptional

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Best Co-Op RPG Video Games – Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360

Some of the greatest video games ever released have been co-op RPGs. From the humble beginnings of games like Gauntlet and Secret of Mana, to the modern gems like Tales of Symphonia- it is one of the most prolific gaming genres. It is unfortunate that this generation’s shooter saturated market has seen fewer co-op RPG releases than previous ones. Despite the reduced focus on co-op RPGs on game consoles, the ones you’ll find below all do the genre justice and should be in any gamer’s library.
1. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of The New World
Console: Nintendo Wii
Number of Players: 2-4
Local or Online?: Local
Price Range: $25-$35

Where else could we begin but with Tales of Symphonia’s fantastic follow-up? This Wii exclusive shows you just what happened to the newly merged world following the events of the original. Despite the efforts of the protagonists in the first game, all is not well. The world’s population is divided both economically and religiously- the conflict is escalating and something must be done.

The 4 player co-op is combined with an addictive monster-capturing gameplay element. Almost any creature you encounter can potentially join your party. The voice-acting, visuals, and story are all superb- as is the fast-paced combat. The heroes from the original all gradually reveal their parts in this new world and join you. The question on everyone’s mind? Why has Lloyd turned traitor and begun spreading chaos across the land?

2. Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
Console: Playstation 3 amp; Xbox 360
Number of Players: 2 (Local), 2-4 (Online)
Local or Online?: Both
Price Range: $20-$30

While it didn’t exactly command monumental success, Sacred 2 is one of the few great co-op RPGs to release on the HD consoles with both online and local multiplayer. The world is immense and there’s no shortage of side quests. Deserts, snowy fields, caves, beaches, and more locales all await players in this world of swords and magic. The voice-acting is pretty decent, but the writing is very impressive. The combat is fast and fun with plenty of intricacies to absorb. You can assign all manner of weapons and spells to your controller for a wide range of combat choices. There’s plenty of loot to be found and fun to be had in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.

3. Monster Hunter Tri
Console: Nintendo Wii
Number of Players: 2 (Local), 2-4 (Online)
Local or Online?: Both
Price Range: $30-$40

This Nintendo Wii exclusive was the first Monster Hunter to ever attract western gamers to the series. Arm yourself with weapons, traps, and explosives as you set out with friends to take on the most powerful creatures that inhabit the land. The battle system is top-notch, the controls are satisfying, underwater combat is a treat, and the visuals are breath-taking. The monster designs are, put simply, awesome. The soundtrack deserves applause as does the highly ambitious online mode. While local multiplayer is only a 2 player arena mode in which you face-off against monsters coliseum-style, the game is still one of the best co-op experiences to date. Feel free to check out my review .

4. Eternal Sonata
Console: Playstation 3 amp; Xbox 360
Number of Players: 2-3
Local or Online?: Local
Price Range: $30-$40

It seems like Eternal Sonata is one of those games that inspires one of two reactions. Either you fall in love with the real-time, turn-based hybrid- or you wish they’d gone with one or the other. Each character or monster gets a certain amount of time to perform their attacks, cast spells, or navigate the map- then the next takes their turn. It’s a highly innovative, experimental combat system that manages to keep you entertained through to the end. The PS3 version, which came out later, is the version of choice- it features improved gameplay, more playable characters, and bonus content .

5. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes Of Time
Console: Nintendo Wii amp; Nintendo DS
Number of Players: 2-4
Local or Online?: Both
Price Range: $15-$30

Square Enix has a history of disappointment and frustration whenever they decide to try something new. Usually the claims of innovation are simply a thin veil meant to disguise laziness. Fortunately, FFCC: Echoes of Time proved to be a success. With cross-platform multiplayer between the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS, there’s no shortage of ways to play together- be it locally, on different consoles, or through the internet. Any combination of Wiis and DSs can explore the world, search for treasure, fight monsters, or progress through the story together. The game also features a mission mode filled with side quests, competitive modes, and Mii support.

6. Fable II
Console: Xbox 360
Number of Players: 2
Local or Online?: Both
Price Range: $15-$30

While the original Fable was known as an ambitious, though disappointing experiment- the first sequel was considered something just short of a masterpiece. The game world is huge, the story entertaining, the combat addictive, and the content expansive. Fable II is hurt only by the limits of the ‘henchmen’ system. Players cannot export their character into a multiplayer game- instead they must select one of 6 pre-made characters. While this does certainly hurt the appeal, as do the unsettling number of bugs and glitches, it’s still a great reason to turn on an otherwise ignored Xbox 360.

7. Fable III
Console: Xbox 360
Number of Players: 2
Local or Online?: Both
Price Range: $45-$55

Fable III is a sequel of extremes. It vastly improved the co-op, but limited character customization. It made improvements to the combat, but scaled back the RPG elements. It did a great job on the story, but shortened the length of it. It introduced new innovative ways to interact with the world, but cut out the character interaction system from Fable II. It fleshed out the economic system, but story events ruined this feature. All things considered, the good outnumber the bad. The greater focus on a cinematic experience over a role-playing one is a tough sell for some, but Fable III does succeed in prompting gamers to dust off their shelved Xbox 360s. Feel free to check out my review .

Funny Video Games

Some of the best moments from video games are the ones that are funny. Humor is fantastic, and believe it or not, there is humor to be found in droves in video games. Which one is funniest? Well that’s hard to figure out, because sometimes a game is funny because it is meant to be, sometimes a game is so bad it’s funny, and sometimes a game is unintentionally funny (usually the kiss of death for sales).
Instead of choosing a single moment in a video game that I remember for being funny, I’m going to give several examples of great hilarious moments in video games.

Intentionally Funny: An obvious recent one here is The Simpsons game, made by EA. Part of the reason this game is great is because there is about thirty minutes of video in it, and it is the first game that is like a long interactive Simpsons movie. There are too many moments to list that had my sides splitting in laughter, but here are a few of the best:

1) God’s flashback explanation of why the instruction booklet to the Simpsons game fell from Heaven into Springfield

2) Matt Groening getting questioned by the secretary on how his name is pronounced

3) Donkey Kong’s sudden and completely unexpected abduction of Professor Frank

4) France’s instantaneous surrender in “Medal of Homer”

5) Groundkeeper Willie’s homage to “Planet of the Apes”

These are some of the best I’ve seen, and I strongly recommend the Simpsons game to any fan of the show. If you need a good laugh, they provide tons in both the movie clips, and with characters talking during the game play itself.

So Bad It’s Funny: If I asked you if you remember that game Zero Wing, most likely I’ll get a blank stare. If you do remember that Sega Genesis game, it wasn’t because of the great graphics and stunning game play. The company that developed this game in Japan was to cheap to hire a translator to translate the game into English…so this game hilariously butchers the English language. My two favorites: “All your base are belong to us.” “Somebody set us up the bomb.” These lines have been parodied repeatedly on the net.

Unintentionally Funny: This usually comes from terrible story lines. One belongs to Shaq Fu. The world is going to end, Shaq happens to be in Japan and he’s the kung fu master to save the world? Really? This was a terrible game, but the concept still makes me laugh to this day.

Blaster Master is the other game that comes to mind. Fun game, terrible story line. So your pet frog escapes, jumps into radioactive ooze that is just sitting in a puddle in your back yard, it mutates big enough to eat a tank and jumps into a mysterious hole (which somehow you never noticed). At the bottom of the hole you leap down is a tank. And then you kill your mutated frog in level four…but the game keeps going. My brother and I still laugh about that.

Whether intentionally funny, or so bad it becomes funny, it never killed anyone to laugh, and it’s nice to know with all the arguments about video games and violence, that sometimes we can just kick back, hit the Nintendo until it actually works, and laugh.

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Get Simcash & Simoleons – Simcity Buildit

How to earn unlimited simoleons and simcash using Simcity Buildit hack tool

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